Visitors to Wallace Falls State Parks, upwards of 160,000 per year, are drawn to this beautiful Cascade foothills setting as an easy escape from the bustle of  nearby urban areas. The Middle Falls on the Wallace Falls trail system is truly awe-inspiring with its 265-foot single-plunge cataract.
Our state parks play a large part in making Washington such a great place to live . . . or host visitors from out-of-state. Wallace Falls is especially well known, within view of heavily traveled Highway 2 on the way up to Stevens Pass.
The new Discover Pass will be required to access all Washington State recreation areas, including Wallace Falls State Park. Revenue generated will help keep these areas open to the public. However, Discover Pass revenues must be split between three state agencies, and many projects here are left unfunded. 
Wallace Falls State Park needs your support!
The Friends of Wallace Falls State Park is a community of concerned citizens working with Washington State Parks Foundation, an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt organization, to help support educational and recreational projects for Wallace Falls State Park.
Whether volunteering to preserve the quality of the park, or contributing to help close the state funding gap, your involvement will have a lasting and significant benefit for today's visitors and future generations to come.
This web site is maintained for the Friends of Wallace Falls State Park, an organization independent from the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, the agency that manages and operates Wallace Falls State Park. Nor does this web site represent the official view of the Commission. The Friends of Wallace Falls State Park seek to support Wallace Falls State Park and provide meaningful services to its visitors. All of the money raised by the Friends goes to the direct benefit of the educational and resource protection programs of Wallace Falls State Park.
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